Meetings about project Liminal.

What, when & where
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 12

Our first meeting
Sun, 23 October 2016
Presentations of everybody, on how we work and our view on the exhibition theme "Liminal". General talks about liminal, the gallery, funding and general stuff. A schedule is made. Next meeting will be at Åsa Elieson's Studio. We had a great time and are looking forward to take part of Åsa's works, her practice and to get reports on everyones progress.

2:nd Meeting at Åsas Studio
Sun, 6 November 2016
Talks about the topic (Liminal). Readings and ideas. All presents their ideas so far. Everyone will write a text about their discourse on the topic.

3:rd Meeting at Katarina
Sun, 27 November 2016
Talks about texts, especially Lucy Lippards text 'The Lure Of The Local'. Lotte is starting her video project about puke and liminal state of being. Åsa continues with the Medea project, the final outcome is not clear but it will include dripping water over texts that eventually disappears. Katarina is discussing a big interactive object where people can seesaw. Kenneth's ideas about a free standing object that you can move around and get different perspectives has not yet taking form.  Ricarda has sent us the first images of her screen print. Its about the sense of locality inspired by Lucy Lippards text.

4:th Meeting at Lotte and Kenneth
Sun, 8 January 2017
Now things are getting real. Anke Westermann will be the second German artist together with Ricarda Wallhauser. Katarina has changed idea- now it will be a big photo with the text 'THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY'. Åsa states that the final form will evolve during the installing period, the material will be collected i Berlin. It will include the water dripping, texts and glass. Kenneth has made the free standing sculpture i the studio but it's still in progress. Lotte has recently made the video, Sven is editing the material. She is investigating ways to project the video.
We are talking a lot about the venue, where the works will be placed. Lotte, Kenneth and Åsa will arrive first to Berlin, Katarina later on.

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