Earlier exhibitions

New group project in Graz, , Austria
25 Nov to 31 Dec 2020
More and more my dreams find their settings in the department stores of Tokyo, the subterranean tunnels that extend them and run parallel to the city. A face appears, disappears...a trace is found, is lost. All the folklore of dreams is so much in its place that the next day when i am awake I realize that I continue to seek in the Basement labyrinth the presence concealed the night before. I begin to wonder if these dreams are really mine, or if they are a part of a totality, of a gigantic collective dream of which the entire city may be the projection. "Sans Soleil" by Chris Marker
Kunsthalle Kempten, Kempten (Allgäu), Germany
16 Sep to 15 Oct 2017
Which lines on your map matter most? The world spreads out before us. We discover some sort of order within it, we create maps, tools and frameworks to make sense of our world. MAP, MIND, MEMORY is framing issues of landscape, geography, tourism and new technologies. The participating artists pose questions of how we use our senses to navigate and move, how we could handle maps in a new way, examine thoughts and rediscover space in times of rapid technical and cultural-aesthetic change.
Art Fair Suomi '17, Helsinki, Finland
25 May to 28 May 2017
diaries is an international, ongoing, collaborative art project. The concept is for each artist to produce one picture every day over a period of time. Format and artistic implementation is individually chosen. Our intention is to share our ongoing creative process while doing one work every day; to show the flux of inspiration; the changes and what touches us over a period of time. To invite artists into a daily working process is something we believe is a counter act in our fragmented, visually overloaded contemporary lifestyle.
Galerie Toolbox, Berlin, Germany
27 Jan to 18 Feb 2017
Visual artists from Germany and Sweden approach the topic of Liminaliy. Liminal: etymology "limes" (Latin) meaning threshold. The word liminal is used in connection with: (1) a transition period or the initial stage of a process, (2) that something occupies a position, or both sides of a border or threshold.
Galerie der Künstler, München, Germany
29 Oct to 22 Nov 2015
Cartographic maps have guided our explorations for centuries, allowing us to navigate the world. Science maps have the potential to guide our search for knowledge in the same way, allowing us to visualize scientific results, helping us to organize, understand, and communicate the dynamic and changing structure of science and technology. The participants in “Map, Mind, Memory” ask us to handle maps in a new way, examine thoughts and rediscover space at a time when there is great confusion about what is where, how far is far and where we should go.
Galleria Rantakasarmi, Helsinki, Finland
4 Sep to 29 Sep 2014
John Cage’s 4’33”, the famous composition for the piano consisting of four minutes and 33 seconds of silence, was inspired by his visit to a perfectly soundproof space built by physicists. Being in the space, he was surprised by the fact that it was not silent, but he could hear one high and one low sound there. Coming out again, he was told that these were the sounds of his nervous system and blood circulation that one can perceive only in absolute silence. Like Cage found sounds in quiet, we search for a language in speechlessness. That language is what we will explore by artistic means.
Galerie TOOLBOX, Berlin, Germany
4 Jul to 26 Jul 2014
It’s often thought that people don’t see things until they know something about it. But what is this knowing about? The topic of the exhibition is tacit (quiet) knowledge. Michael Polanyi was the man who tried to make sense of how new discoveries, knowledge of yet unknown things, can be made in science. Tacit knowledge was his key to the mystery of discovery. Tacit knowledge implies that one knows all the time much more than one can ever tell. A body of non-discursive knowledge exists, which is something that one’s life has taught over the years, but one has learned it without any awareness of the process of learning. Tacit knowledge includes for example all the physical, intuitive, mythic and experienced knowledge we are bearing. Things we know but are difficult to tell in words.
Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
30 Nov to 16 Dec 2012
The depiction of landscape in art has always tried to give us a particular view of the world. Landscapes tell us about our projections, desires and daydreams which we connect with images of real or imagined places. The exhibition “Exposed Areas” shows extracts of the methodical ways a younger generation of artists presently deals with the notion of landscape.
Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden
13 Apr to 29 Apr 2012
TotalRecall is an interdisciplinary project where art and philosophy together investigate a condition that stems from an everyday experience of being virtually surrounded by images and texts. By producing and re-flecting aspects of this experience in the ‘slow’ media of painting and writing, the project wishes to explore what can vaguely be called a condition in our times.
Pils Design