Subtopics meeting during Supermarket Independent Art Fair

What, when & where
Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 14
Konditori Kafferepet
Klarabergsgatan 35

This Saturday afternoon (during Supermarket Art Fair) we will meet for a coffee in a nearby café to talk about:

  • The group-project BITW…its topics, special interests, questions and new ideas
  • Future themes for upcoming exhibitions
  • Organizing the Munich exhibitions.
  • Future funding.
  • The new revised compendium - an overview about BITW-project.
  • A talk about the idea behind common ground dialog sources. It is basically a short list of recommendations to read (text), listen (sound, music) or see (visual arts, film). Inspirational sources to take in with the aim of stimulating in depth discussions about the exhibition topic as well as being an inspiration for the participators themselves.
  • The first dialog texts for the "Tacit knowledge" project in Finland were handed out by Miia.
    Text about Tacit knowledge by Samuli Hurri.
    "La Vie Materielle" - Marguerite Duras
    Part of Heideggers "Being in time"
  • The first dialog texts for "Spezialmensch in Speziallandschaft" and "Map Mind Memory" projects were handed out by Bertram
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