Total Recall - the next step

What, when & where
Sunday, November 11, 2012 - 14
Tjärhovsgatan 44
Realated to project: 

Meeting for the participators of Total recall

Framework: The landscape topic is a vast field but we focus on a specific landscape that reflect on our post industrial age. This type of landscape are affected by consequences of global mobility, acceleration and increased optimization in every field. Changing modes of movement are giving rise to new landscape concepts. For example tourism, world wide web or migration influence our sense of reality in terms of culture, ecology, esthetic, politics -or  put simple: our sense of being in the world which leads on to questions of cognitive reception and perception. Our aim is to digest this, reflect and give some sort of reactive answer to any part of the topic in any form the participant choose for the benefit of the participators and the audience.

This meeting will decide what the next step will be for the group that were part of the discussion, development  and the final show of Total recall.

This and other things will be discussed:

Firstly, a resume of the end result from the project will be presented and evaluated.
Total Recall was interdisciplinary project that left a lot of interesting questions behind. What did we gain from the crossover competence fields? What effect did it have on us and our works?

Secondly, we will be looking ahead. How can we in a meaningful way continue and develop the topic inherited from Total Recall.

  • What type of events would we like to see in the future
    In which places would it be interesting to have events.
  • What will we do with the material already made? For instance extend the material already exhibited in Sweden and focus more around the theory and texts around the topic and presentations of work.
  • What ways of interacting/collaborate within the group is useful?
    How can we share individual thoughts and progress. How can we keep a common focus without getting to narrow so that everyone feel free to develop their own angle on the topic. How to find a balance between thinking and acting, between reason and tacit knowledge.
    Can we find common literature, references that would ease the communication.
  • Would it be of use to add persons with other competence fields, example: garden architecture, cultural history, media theory, sound?

Finally, a plan will be made to implement the decisions made.

The meeting will be documented.


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