BITW startup information meeting

What, when & where
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 18 to Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 21
Restaurant Sea Horse
Kapteeninkatu 11


  • What is Being in the world project?
    BITW builds on a interdisciplinary, modular structure. It's emphasasing the group research on the concept of "landscape" in a wider meaning (being in the world). It has its peaks during the exhibition which is a kind of report of the gained result.
  • How can one be a part of the project?
    There are several levels of engagement in BITW:
    - as a core BITW project leader
    - as project leader for a subtopic and exhibition
    - as a guest participant.
  • What should one think of when being a project manager for a sub theme.
    You are free to choose a subtopic within the notion of landscape. You are free to gather fitting research members. You are free to pick a suitable presentation (usually an exhibition). The ideas, practicalities are shared within the group.
  • Places to have a show in Helsinki and funding.
    Several options was discussed as well as fundings.
  • The BITW compendium was distributed and discussed.
    The compendium can be seen as a living document that keeps the overall project framwork. It's important for all particioants to read and relate to it.
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