Katarina Wiklund


Katarina Wiklund are interested in interdisciplinary and collaborative projects and experiments within art, design and architecture. She holds a MFA degree from the University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design in Stockholm.
She is one of the two wiklund in the artistduo wiklundwiklund, together with artist/architect Susanna Wiklund. Ww´s focus have been around art in the public space. In ww they combine skills in fine art, stage design, architecture, interiour design and public space. In her own work you can find references to movies, often used as a startingpoint.
Another area close to Katarinas heart is the stage. Katarina Wiklund have through out the years worked with numerous performances within the dance-context with the set and costumes.
Katarina Wiklund is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden.


This is not a lovestory.
Isn´t it? Would you like it to be? Was it before?
Someone needs to be convinced

Katarinas contribution to the exhibition is a photography and an object.
The picture shows a lightbox with a poorly attached text.

The branch made of bronze seems to miss source. Its mirrored and equilateral, as if it could exist only within it´s own closed system.

An in-between moment and a vanishing point ..

To be continued

Short CV: 

Lives and works in Stockholm


2011-12                               MejanArc postmaster Royal Institute of Art
1998                                     Deparment of sculpture Royal Institute of Art
1988-1994                          MFA Konstfack University  College of art crafts and design

Participating in project: 
Pils Design