Jeongmoon Choi

Seoul / Berlin
South Korea

Jeongmoon Choi is a Korean-born, Germany-based artist living and working between Seoul and Berlin, known for creating arresting installations from colored wool and UV light.
Jeongmoon Choi’s artistic diversity speaks for itself. Her remarkable installations have always been a subject of fascination, especially considering that her artwork has the ability to transform any environment, maximize any room, and wash away or carefully define all of the edges. Impeccably precise, Choi’s light installations create a new, science fiction-like environment that can trick your brain and transport you to a different dimension.


"Drawing in space" constantly challenges the perception to imaginary supplement the concrete visible. Through the joint interplay of surfaces and lines on the one hand and the contrast-rich relationship of different perspectives on the other hand, a unique space and depth effect is created.
As a counterpart to the color palette threads are used as a drawing material. And so threads are drawn to both classical surfaces such as canvas and also freely in space. The interesting thing about the use of threads as a material is that they are both very easy to destroy, but on the other hand, form very strong and powerful structured patterns. The works thus produce a tension that results from the pairs of opposites strength and vulnerability, security and risk.

Faced with a room drawing emphasized by UV light (Black light) in a darkened room viewers are initially disoriented. But then they quickly find access to one of the many possible perspectives and enjoy it finally to be able to engage in ever new ways of perceiving. By many visitors, such an experience is described as a meditative state. The UV light (Black light) causes the room/location/space as the installation's surrounding, three-dimensional work surface - to dissolve its original features to create a new space, which is inextricably linked with the installation. It keeps the room in a continuous change of reference between the inside and outside, thus showing the paradoxical dual nature of space perception.
The three-dimensional drawings give the impression that it is about to empty and then back to the stuffing of the space, reversing and turning.

"Drawing in space" plays along the main themes in my current work process, which are "housing", "nature/natural disaster" and the human race in between. Here I deal extensively with the subject dwelling and nature.

Short CV: 

Jeongmoon Choi

1966 born in Seoul, Korea
1984-1988 Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, College of fine arts, Sungshin University
1988-1990 Master of Fine Arts in painting, College of fine arts, Sungshin University
1994-1995 Assistance in the University Sungshin
1995 To Germany
1996-2001 Studied in fine arts, College of fine arts, Kassel
2001 Graduate in fine arts, College of fine arts, Kassel

Since 2001     Lives and works in Berlin and Seoul

Exhibitions (selected)
2013 PULS / Moeller Fine Art, Berlin (S)
2013 Red Never Follows / Saatchi Gallery, London
2013 Athens Video Art Festival / Samourka Foundation: Estia Emporon, Athen
2013 Photography Playground / Opernwerkstätten, Berlin
2013 Explorer / KARST Project, Plymouth (S)
2013 Slick Art Fair Brussels, Brüssel
2012 DIALOGUE LINEAIRE / galerie laurent mueller, Paris (S)
2012 Drawing in space - galerie weisser elefant, Berlin (S)
2012 Lines up. a recollection - Outdoor Installation / re:MMX, Berlin (S)
2012 Slick Art Fair Paris, Paris
2012 On Lines / Kunstraum t27, Berlin
2011 RAPID RABBIT / FRISE Künstlerhaus, Hamburg (S)
2011 ART STAYS-9. Festival of contemporary art Art Salon, Ptuj, Slowenien (S)
2011 NACH STRICH UND FADEN / galerie fruehsorge - contemporary drawing, Berlin
2011 ἈΡΆΧΝΗ / ARÁKHNÊ: DE FIL EN AIGUILLE DANS LE DESSIN / galerie laurent mueller, Paris
2010 Light Drawing III / Galerie Nuvole Arte Contemporanea, Montesarchio, Italy (S)
2010 Blickwechsel-NRW Ausstellungsprojekt / Stadtbücherei, Sankt Augustin
2010 WAHRSCHAU!-Vineta / auf der BLEICHEN, hinter den 50er Schuppen, Haburg-Veddel, Hamburg
2010 Beste Lage / galerie weisser elefant, Berlin
2009 ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS-ARCHIVE SELECTION / galerie fruehsorge - contemporary drawing, Berlin
2009 Kic-Nordart 09 / Calshütte, Rendsburg-Büdelsdorf
2008 WEISS / Stiftung Starke, Berlin
2008 ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS #9 / Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin

*(S): Solo exhibition

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