Ricarda Wallhäuser


Ricarda Wallhäuser, born in 1972 in Siegen, Germany, studied visual communication at the art academy of Kassel. She was honoured as “Meisterschülerin”. She is member of the artist groups microwesten and top e.V. and works frequently in networking contexts in art.

Ricarda Wallhäuser is focused on collage-techniques. She calls her pictures visual poetry. The center of her interest is the narrative. She sees storytelling as chance to cope with life – especially if you see the humanistic and playful character of it. She is interested in how be build up our world of bits and pieces of memories. By deconstructing and making suggestions she wants to charm openness and curiosity in the viewer.


Two collages is about the liminal state of returning. Are the places you know always the same? Are you always the same yourself?

Pictures of the house in which Toolbox Gallery resides and neighbouring houses are broken up and remixed. At the same time, things start to come out of them, strangers, figures, that might have always lured between the bricks or just came there this moment. The process of doing these collages are inspired by reading the text of art-historian Lucy Lippard, The Lure of the Local. She says there: When we go into a place, it changes and we become an ingredient in an existing hybrid. We change it, in each place we are entering a new role.

Short CV: 

* 1972 in Siegen, Germany

1994–99 Studium an der / studied at Kunsthochschule Kassel

2000–01 Meisterschülerin

seit 2001 lebt und arbeitet sie / lives and works in Berlin

Ricarda Wallhäuser is an artist and designer. Her artistic practice focuses on collage as a narrative medium that copes with the chaos of existance.

Participating in project: 
Pils Design