Oliver Winheim


Oliver Winheims paintings are excavation sites. In works such as # 1202 what is depicted reminds us of archaeological sites: a cut-up by a grid landscape come to light in the different height levels of color. When producing his paintings the artist applies up to thirty layers of paint and different emulsions. These become visible by the grid and fine lines that he draws in a thickly coated black. They shimmer colorful and reminiscent of tectonics and layers of the earth's crust.

Associations with archeology and cartography become obvious when we look at his paintings: Organic shapes interact with static patterns of order, established structures on lines and fields. Colors that run into each other at random dry and act as organic surfaces, are cut by a grid. In the working process Oliver Winheim moves through the image space as a land surveyor, creating unique landscapes.
In his studio the artist documents the generated color landscapes with his camera . The photographs of these areas are reminiscent of satellite images of the Earth's surface. However the reduced depth of field of the photographic image contradicts the uniform clarity and sharpness of aerial or satellite images. Macro - and microcosm merge seemingly together.


Greta Hoheisel

Short CV: 

1981 born in Bad Soden a.T.

2002-2008 Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Prof. Horst Sauerbruch / Prof. Stephan Dillemuth)
2004 Fanny Carlita Grant
2006 Erasmus Grant Academia de Bellas Artes Granada
2009 Nomination Columbus Artgrant
2011-2016 Promotional Programme Atelierhaus Baumstraße Kulturreferat München


selected exhibitions:


2013    Die Ersten Jahre der Professionalität 32, BBK München
           Art Bodensee No.13, Ambacher Contemporary
           My mind keeps wandering, Wehrmühle Biesenthal (curated by Frank Wagner)
2012    Die Übersetzung, Schloß Oberschwappach
           Offene Ateliers 2012 (with Eric Mack), Städtisches Atelierhaus Baumstraße
2011    Die Sehnsucht des Kartografen, Galerie Lichtpunkt, München
2010    Zipor.Ziporim.Zippora, Galerie Lichtpunkt, München
           Monopol der Deutung (with Bertram Schilling), Galerie Lichtpunkt, München
           Bel Ètage, Open Art 2010, Ambacher Contemporary, München
2009    Weltraum Jahresrückblick, Kunsthalle Lothringer 13, München
           Flash, What Remains Gallery, München
2008    Kubusausstellung, Kubus Lenbachhaus, München
2006    Plusminuszwölf I bis III, verschiedene Locations, München
           Halb und Halb, Kunstverein Dachau
2005    Tricks, Galerie Cadutta Sassi, München
           Counter Campus (with k2ao), Museum of Modern Art, Baltimore (USA)
2004    TÜV Süd, Forum Junger Künstler, München

Participating in project: 
Pils Design