Anke Westermann


Anke Westermann grew up in Braunschweig/Lower Saxony where she also studied fine art. Since the 1990s she lives in Berlin-Mitte. Her main working focus is to work on the object in relation to media context and architectural context furthermore works in the public space.

Her idea of sculpture is to create complex systems, that define a place new. They are marking unique predicates and always refer on broader contexts. She is taking existing situations and structures them new, thereby opening them up, “turning them around”-
With creations out of mostly simple and ephemeral materials the spectator is invited to think about himself in the environmental context, and respectively the typical conventions of it.
Her installations built a kind of smooth resistance against the existing setting. An instable relation comes out of this interaction, that requests die spectator to recognize sharply and fill up with his own thoughts. 

Alongside her individual works Anke Westermann initiated collaborative work-series as “BRIX”, ”Poliflur”, ”Projektor” (


Site_x means something between landscape an architecture. A modular object on the wall, which combines five images, that have their origin in special situations the artist has been in, -moments frozen by photography.
By using wallpaint on top of the photo-prints, Westermann erases parts of the original surroundings of the focused objects. Thereby they loose the time and their connections to the world, becoming somehow lost but also something new and universal.
With their arrangement on top of daily-life construction material the single elements get the characters of threedimensional objects again and alltogether they create in the end an new, wide multi-refential system that might be read ambiguous by the contemplator.

Short CV: 

Anke Westermann
*1967 in Braunschweig, Deutschland
lebt seit 1999 in Berlin-Mitte

Studium Kunstgeschichte, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin 2003-06
Weiterbildung Desktoppublishing, 2000/01
Advanced Course in Visual Arts, Visiting Professor Haim Steinbach, 1999
Studium der freien Bildenden Kunst an der HBK Braunschweig

Participating in project: 
Pils Design