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Firmly rooted in painting Kenneth Pils moves in a borderland where painting merges with installation, sculpture and graphics. In his art he uses the tension between the direct and intuitive vs planned and generic. In practice Pils oscillates between hands on working with basic materials and to use more indirect technical tools such as computers, printing devices and projectors.
Pils usually sets up strict rules in each project and follow them closely. For instance in the random paintings where images are randomly picked from internet and executed as paintings without any preconceived ideas. In other occasions repetitions of the same motif  will be the stage set where endless variations of the same become different.
Pils sees the art object as separate from him and not as a self-expression. The art object is to be seen as an independent entity to be interpreted. All this together questions our way of looking at intentionality, interpretation and meaning.

 He is one of the co-founders of the interdisciplinary and international art-as-research project "Being in the world" (


In this project, I use the word liminal as denoting a zone where you go from one psychological state to another, and an intermediate position where both coexist. Specifically, on the one hand, a condition characterized by routine rationality and efficiency on the other, a rarer condition to feel awake, open, participatory and vibrant.

This type of liminality is something I already touched upon in another project 'diaries'(ongoing since 3 years); in which I make one picture every day without any restrictions other than the size of paper used.
Many of the images have a "liminal" character. That is to say: an ambivalent pictorial whole built upon incoherent picture elements which gives an uncertain basis for interpretation. I find these images simultaneously disenchanted and incomprehensible; generic and implausible, scary and hopeful.

Within the framework of our project 'Liminal' I will use some of these images as a starting point for a spatial investigation. By placing them in an architectural context I want to find a way to invite the spectator to experience different readings by moving around the sculpture. A liminal experience.


Short CV: 

Born 1964 in Jönköping. Lives and works in Stockholm.

1990-1995 MFA, Kungliga konsthögskolan i Stockholm, Mejan - Stockholm
1986-1990 Konstfack, Avdelningen för måleri (Bild och miljö) - Stockholm

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