Helsinki Art Fair
May 2017

mixed diaries
BITW first time at Suomi Art Fair Helsinki with the mixed diaries project


Kökar Meeting
May/June 2017

BITW meeting on Kökar, Finland.
At our groupmeeting on Kökar-Island we discuss the conditions, organisational models, and the role of artist-led practice within BITW and similar networks.
We look back on our work for the last 5 years with BITW and plan for further projects.

With friendly support of Kökar artist Recidency


Kunstahlle Kempten Stipendium
September 2017

Map Mind Memory II
Silvia Jung-Wiesenmayer and Bertram Schilling received the Kunsthalle-Kempten Stipendium for their BITW exhibition-project “Map, Mind, Memory-II”. The Vernissage is connected with the event “Kunstnacht Kempten” in mid-September.

With friendly support of Kulturamt Kempten


Moskow research
September 2017

Moskow artist-run spaces
Kenneth Pils received funding for his Moscow art research trip in autumn 2017 which is focusing on connecting BITW to russian artists and organizations.

With kind support from Swedish Institute.

Pils Design